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Advanced Disinformation Division
We now live in a world in which fact and fiction are inextricably intertwined, and the path for negotiating psychic survival has been inverted, with navigational know-how now passing from the young upwards to the old. The study of political communication, both by governments and mainstream media, has taken on a new urgency.
Much of the work undertaken in this emerging field by Compressor Sven Triloqvist, (President of the ADS division, and his team) is directed toward the empowerment of the future leaders of our society. 
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Nature Boy Standards
Mental pollution is damaging our lives. We live at the bottom of an Electromagnetic Ocean, with waves from communications systems such as microwave links, 5G, Bluetooth, radio and TV surrounding us at all times. This constant radiation directly penetrates our brains. We are also surrounded by semiotic pollution – the thousands of messages which assault us wherever we look, every day. All this mental pollution is changing the way we think.


Any company applying to use the Nature Boy logo must pass stringent testing for its product, service or message. Worldwide adoption of the Nature Boy standards will bring peace of mind to billions of people.
Faraday cartoon-sharpen-sharpen.jpg
Faraday Wig Cartoon
A factory poster campaign motivated Bonk workers to wear the Bonk Faraday wig to prevent mental pollution.
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Dr Yes Cosmic Therapy
Cosmic Therapy focuses cosmic rays into certain areas of the brain to produce feelings of euphoria and empathy. Cosmic Therapy promotes the interstitial production of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. Cosmic Therapy was originally developed by Professor Hans Dröppeldorf at the Space Medicine division of NASA in San Diego.
The inability of male astronauts to walk on their return to Earth following orbit, was attributed to the effects of negative gravity. Professor Dröppeldorf discovered  that astronauts had an increased sex drive after several hours exposure to cosmic rays. On the surface of the earth we are protected by the different properties of the layers of Earth's atmospheres. Out in space, there's no protection.
Dröppeldorf proved that the problem of immobilised astronauts had nothing to do with weightlessness. It was due to that painful condition, also known as the Irish Toothache, which results when permanent sexual arousal is experienced in tight-fitting space suits. It is little wonder they are unable to walk after orbit! And also why women were soon taken into the space program.
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