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Fully Defunctioned Machinery
Raba Hiff machines are designed to be a presence on the shop floor, in offices, studios or any working area. Their true function is this presence, which has been proved to increase job satisfaction, leading to better work motivation and thus to greater profits. There are enormous advantages to defunctioning: no training is needed, there are no manuals to read, no spare parts inventory, no maintenance, and very low power consumption. Defunctioned machinery is totally safe.
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One of our latest Raba Hiff models is the Quasar OQ 172. The Quasar series utilises environment-friendly Enhanced Photon Radiation technology®
photo: Olaf Cardelus
Raba Hiff Mini-Fart
photo: Magnus Weckström
Raba Hiff Maxi-Fart
photo: Magnus Weckström
The cover of a data sheet issued in 1974
photo: Magnus Weckström
Raba Hiff Blo-Jet
photo: Magnus Weckström
Bonk 600.png
Raba Hiff Bonk 600
The 600 has more power than many operators can safely handle.
photo: Magnus Weckström
The Principal Advantages of Defunctioned Machinery
• No training necessary
• No manuals to read
• No spare parts inventory
• No maintenance
• Low power consumption
• Total safety
• Long life with few moving parts
• Lower freight distribution costs
• Easy upgrading
• Easy positioning
crazy Quasar-sharpen-sharpen.jpg
Raba Hiff Pulsar Q22
The pulsar utilises the most advanced fractal photon dissemination of the entire range of defunctioned machinery.
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
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