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Stewards of the Future
Our corporate values are simple and have remained unchanged since the founding of the company in 1893: social responsibility, sustainable resourcing and production, eradication of mental pollution, and the promotion of lasting happiness for our staff, our customers and our partners.
Our ultimate product is Man himself. By changing minds, we can finally achieve the global happiness that our founder envisioned. Beyond the post-industrial society lies a new business that is asset-free and location-free, with zero transaction costs. A new type of organisation that will exist only in your mind.
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Supervisory board
    Chief Barry Bonk
    The Anchovak Tribal Council
The Supervisory Board of BBI safeguards the interests of all shareholders. The board oversees and appoints the Chief Executive Officer of BBI and the members of the Executive board, and approves any major strategic business decisions made by the Executive board. 
Following the gift by Barry Bonk of a majority of shares in the Bonk family holding company to the Anchovak tribe of God’s Lake, Manitoba, the Supervisory Board of BBI and its chairman come to their decisions in a somewhat novel manner.
The Tribal Council is a traditional First Nation consensus-based direct democracy. The Council has twelve members. Members are inclusive of all ages and genders, and always include at least two pre-adolescent children (8 - 16 yrs). The members are chosen by a tribal ballot. Meetings are held whenever a consensus on tribal action is lost. Meetings continue until a new consensus is reached. There is no time limit for meetings, which may be spread over several days. 
Each of the twelve members is assigned a ‘chair’ representing a particular aspect of the consensus. A member can only speak in support of that aspect, regardless of their personal view. A ‘chair’ may, for instance represent Nature - animals, birds, trees or rivers. Or the ‘chair’ may represent tradition, or the future, or strangers, or any other subject that the chief deems relevant to finding consensus. The chief of the tribe, who sits outside the circle of twelve, ensures that the rules are obeyed, that people speak in turn and are heard. The chief does not speak until it is clear that a consensus has been reached. The chief then describes the consensus and asks the assembled tribe for approval. 
A member can only speak when standing and holding the ceremonial speaking staff. The staff is a small totem similar in design to the large totems that stand in the village. These totems tell the symbolic story of the Anchovaks. Meetings of the Tribal Council are held in a lodge at God’s Lake in Manitoba, Canada. As all members of the Anchovak tribe are shareholders in Bonk Business Inc., their Tribal Council devotes one meeting each year to decide upon their supervision of BBI. Special meetings may be called if major business decisions of the BBI Executive board need to be approved.


Non-executive chair
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Samuel Hubris
Executive Board
Alvar Gullichsen
Magnus Weckström
Sven Triloqvist
Magnus Scharmanoff
Henrik Helpiö
Olli Lehtinen
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