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Bonk MindLab
As technologies increasingly converge, and the boundaries of disciplines dissolve, we need to quickly implement local innovation across all our industrial and service sectors. The Bonk MindLab coordinates research and testing for the entire group. 
Bonk Power Branding
The most sophisticated tools for branding ever created
Bonk Engineering • POV
The POV holistic viewer gives every content creator a point of view. The POV means lossless reality, infinite frame rates and zero intermittency. The POV offers media professionals a way of seeing differently.
Invisible technology
POV means user-driven invisible technology with an advanced UI, remote monitoring, and open 256-bit architecture. The POV offers lossless reality storage in the user’s own SSD memory (minimum 729 self-organising neuronal fractal dimensional array recommended).
POV Viewer Specifications
Ultra Photon radiation 390 – 750 nm
16 K Precision SUHD
Axonal 3D
DCP compliant
Enhanced UI
Native GPS locationing
A POV studio environment is supported by the POV UX, an electronic point-of-production server that energises each client POV viewer for approximately 24 hours of normal use. The POV UX server is designed to blend into the social design environment of any modern media production facility.
Ecologically designed
Fully recyclable
Extended media lifecycle
POV UX server specifications
Self-organising media management
Enhanced metadata interface
256 bit architecture with managed workflow
FoG-based storage and delivery 
Low power 25 mWa
50 - 250v 50 Hz AC
User memory requirements
Open architecture
Lossless reality
The POV System is exclusively distributed worldwide by TV Tools Oy.
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