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Consumer Products
Although the Bonk company is known worldwide for its innovative machinery and its pioneering technologies, it began almost 170 years ago as a family business making consumer products from Baltic resources.  
Chateau Bonk-sharpen-sharpen.jpg
Château Bonk
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
Repacking - The Power of the Label
In the mid-1980s, the Bonk marketing department came up with one of the most radical innovations in the world of marketing. It was a dangerously simple concept: repack mediocre products with luxury labels. In this synergous method of manufacture, the original supplier has no knowledge of the parasitic relationship, and carries all the below-the-line costs of manufacture, storage and wholesale distribution. Mediocre products are purchased retail, and transformed by a new label into luxury goods with a high profit margin. The consumers’ idea of quality is highly influenced by what we call the Promise of the Label. This is crucial where you've got a product that is purchased before it is tasted or tested - such as wine. 
If you believe the product is good, you'll generally have a good experience with it. Your expectations colour your experience. But the beauty of this is that if the wine is poor, you blame yourself, not the makers of the product. You were trying to beat the Price/Quality ratio and you failed.
photo: Magnus Weckström
Anchovy paste.jpg
Few people understand the science of design. Bonk negotiated to purchase large amounts of these mediocre products. Our experts know how to unpackage - to take off the old labels, boxes, tags and so on, and then have the very best designers create new labels, new packaging, and new marketing. It's the same product, but the Promise of the Label changes minds. 
photo: Magnus Weckström
Baltic Condiments
Garum is an anchovy-based condiment still made today to a recipe from 1851. 
Advertisement for Garum Superbe 1958.
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
Garum is a potent relish produced by marination of the flesh and fins of the giant Peruvian anchovy. Like mace, garlic and chilli, it is hallucinogenic in very large doses, and is known to stimulate the production of endorphins. Garum played an important but misunderstood part in the cultural and artistic creativity of the last century, as did the opiates and laudanum. Garum has a metallic nutty taste with a strong ozone aroma.
The Bonk family exported garum from 1850. In the late nineteenth century, no European merchant's or noble's table was complete without a small, very expensive dish of ice-cold garum.
Today, Bonk's Garum still makes the dinner conversation flow, amplifying the taste buds, and giving a warm comforting glow to the stomach. Known the world over, sales of Bonk's Garum in 2018 exceeded one billion litres.
Anchovy oil fell out of favour after WWI and was increasingly replaced by synthetics. This led to the  establishment of Boco Oil in the mid-Thirties. Boco lubricants are designed for the most demanding conditions in the engines of today.
Advertisement for BOCO Quarkol lubricants
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
The discovery in 1929 of Anchovite oil lakes deep underground in Oklahoma, revitalised the Bonk Oil division and a new company, Boco (Bonk Oil Company) was founded. The oil lakes were laid down millions of years ago, when the American Ocean covering the Mid-west states was vapourised by a comet, leaving incredible amounts of Giant Anchovies to rot and slowly be covered by tectonic changes in the Earth's crust.
Love Mist rdy.jpg
Bonk's Love Mist
Your Nose Knows
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
Deep down below our conscious brain, nestling on top of the nervous system, is our old reptile brain. Our first brain. A forgotten instrument that we cannot control – except by smell. Our oldest and deepest memories are smells. And the most evocative aromas are pheromones. The keys to unlock your heart. Now available as a spray.
Bonk's Love Mist contains Phe22, the most powerful human pheromone known. Nasally detected in one part per 380.000.000, a single spray application is effective over an area the size of a football stadium.
Clinical studies have shown that pheromones act upon the hypothalamus to produce feelings of peaceful well-being and images of great beauty. Love Mist eliminates aggression and activates interspecies communication.
Transdermal Education
Eduplast - Stick n' Learn
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
Bonk's Transdermal Learning Patches release synthetic eduphins to promote dendritic growth between recently firing neurons. Knowledge, behaviour and memory are thus hard-wired into the learning brain.
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