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The Bonk Dynasty
At the founding of the private company P. Bonk & Co in 1893, the Bonk family held all shares in the company. That ownership passed down to Barry Bonk (b.1933) on the death of his mother Popoletta Bonk (b. 1864 -1964). Barry Bonk, who had married Passing Cloud (1943 - 2001), the daughter of the Anchovak chief in Manitoba, was himself elected chief of the tribe after the death of his wife’s father, Passing Wind, in 2001. 
On election, Barry passed all his shares in the family holding company, Bonk Business Inc., to the Anchovak Tribal Council. BBI owns a majority of shares in every company in the Bonk Group. The Tribal Council thus controls the Supervisory Board, and has continued to elect Barry Bonk as Chairman. 
Of the original family, only the direct descendants of founder Pär Bonk and his wife retained total control of ownership. Pär’s brother, Halvar Bonk, who died during his attempt on the world steam speed record in 1896, had never married and passed without issue. Pär’s sister, the photographer and poetess, Amelie Bonk, also died without issue. Pär Bonk had married a Nazca Indian, Popoletta Vuh, in 1884. Their only offspring, Pärre Bonk, was born on board the company flagship, the schooner Pyhämaa, in the same year as the couple returned to Finland from Peru. 
Pär Bonk tragically died in 1908 in the Tunguska Event, when the giant anchovy dynamo in Lake Kalashnikov exploded. His wife briefly ran the company until Pärre took over in 1909 at the tender age of twenty-four. The company was then reorganised as the Bonk Machine Factory Co. 
Pärre Bonk II moved research operations to the island of Hogland in the Finnish Gulf, away from prying eyes. The island was known as the Finnish Riviera and its life centred around the Hogland Casino. It was also a hideaway for Finnish underworld figures during Prohibition (1919 - 1932).  The Hogland harbour was a key distribution point for smuggling. Although a pacifist, Pärre was accepted and even protected by the gangsters, and helped solve a number of gangland disputes. He working on a number of secret projects that he wanted to keep hidden from the increasingly militarised European powers. Among these were the Paranormal Cannon. 
During this time Pärre married a Chinese jazz singer, Yang-Tung, known as the Swinging Lotus, who played a season at the Casino. Their son, Pärre Bonk III, was born on the island in 1933.
In November 1939, a Soviet marine task force invaded the island and removed the Paranormal Cannon and related documents - thus beginning Soviet interest in the paranormal. Fortunately, Pärre and his wife and young son were in Finland at the time. 
Pärre returned to the island in 1942 with a small private commando force to try and recover research materials hidden in the Casino. He was never seen again. His son was sent to the USA for safety.
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