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By 1962, the manufacturing base of Bonk Business Inc. had reached a peak of labour-intensivity. A decade later, the installation of factory automation had been completed and a new range of Raba Hiff industrial machinery was going into production.
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photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
Fresnel-focused Gnagg Booster. 
Bonk Industries, Uusikaupunki.
This narrow spectrum booster was designed to convert psychedelic cerebraic energy from large concert audiences in the late 1960s into electrical power for stage equipment. In the largest 'Darshan' configuration, the Freakwave Transmuter could produce 30.000 watts. Production was discontinued in 1974, but the Freakwave is still manufactured under licence in India.
The Scandinavian band, The Sheets, used the Freakwave on stage to power their backline.
The Freakwave Transmuter was the last craftsman-made machine.
Bonk Industries, Helsinki.
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
The DEF-II pioneered the use of passive photon radiation. Renowned for solid durability and outdoor mobility, it is still in service in developing countries around the world. Production was licensed to the Shanghai Sheet Metals Corp. in 1996, to supply rapidly growing demand in China.
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The breakdown of authority in the late 1960’s caused many to question the Protestant work ethic. A spreading worker malaise was testing the loyalty of the work force. Bonk workers demanded more leisure time and proposed the dropping of minor components from the Raba Hiff machines. Management agreed, and was surprised to find that sales held steady. When the elimination of further components produced increased sales, there followed a program of Defunctioning to dispose of the working innards of the entire Raba Hiff range. Within twelve months, our happy workforce was on a ten hour week.
The placement of these defunctioned machines in executive suites, offices, studios, and on the factory floor, has been proved to increase overall output due to increased staff job satisfaction. The ‘presence’ of the Raba Hiff range is achieved by patented advanced photon radiation technology.
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