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Kristopholus Juslin, a scion of the Greek shipbuilding family, was the first non-family managing director of Bonk Ltd. He was appointed after the death of Pärre Bonk in 1943. Juslin's democratic style of management played an important part in the revitalization of the company in the post-war years. His patriotic editorial helped spark the industrial zeal that set Finnish factories ablaze once more. He negotiated an export contract with the Soviet Union for Kozmogaz machines which greatly assisted in the repayment of Finnish war debts. The Kozmogaz was a pheromone spray machine for domestic use. Pheromones are psychosexually active hormone scents which reinforce family bonding. 500.000 of these machines were exported to the Soviet Union before 1949.
Bonk logo.png
Kozmogaz family.jpg
Kosmogaz pheromone pump family unit 1947
photo; Magnus Scharmanoff
small canned hate.jpg
small ATM Family.jpg
Atomic Telemotion (ATM) 1959
photo: Magnus Scharmanoff
A domestic system for communicating feelings along a national plasma tube network. A fusion engine detects and removes any bad feelings from an emotion transmission, converting them into 'Canned Hate' barbecue briquettes.
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